About us

Who is Dodi Jewels

"The handcrafted jewelry are created by the person who owns an art. Therefore an artist and that is a person with an original style, recognizable, unique and that before all loves to experiment. The craftsman sometimes sudden, more often research and studies creating handmade jewelry that are unique, original and innovative."

The idea of creating Dodi Jewels born from a passion for handcrafted jewelry.The our creations are unique and made in Italy and are the result of ongoing research of styles and materials.From the use of quality materials and hypoallergenic, stones of different shapes, sizes and colors born stylish and original jewelry to wear every day.

The place of business is located in the Marche region in Italy and it is from here that leave all shipments to Italy and the rest of the world through a fast, reliable and professional service, providing the customer with the formula "money back".


We are also on eBay.it (100% positive feedback), Amazon.it, Etsy.com